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& Development

Is your best engineer also a good team leader? Do your trainees also have management potential? We would be happy to answer all of your questions concerning the inflow, advancement and outflow of personnel.

Hays is an expert in recruiting professionals. Working together with Hays gives you the expertise of one of the most successful recruiters in the world. In addition to support in recruitment, we also provide an attractive range of products in the area of Assessment & Development. Specialised psychologists affiliated with the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP) and coaches examine and assist your employees, thereby enabling you to make optimal use of your human capital.

Hays Assessment & Development gives you insight into the competencies of employees that are decisive for the success of your business. Our personal style is unique. Our qualified psychologists provide practical advice on the following areas:

  • Assessment
  • Coaching
  • Management development
  • Mobility check

‘I enjoy working with Hays Assessment & Development because of the flexibility, the expert opinion and the critical thinking.’
Marlon de Jong, Personnel Adviser at Van Lanschot Chabot

On paper, the candidate is cut out for the job, but will he or she make it in terms of personality? Can the candidate handle the stressful environment? We use our broad range of instruments to answer these kinds of questions. We present our findings in a clear and comprehensible advisory report.

Selection assessment
Determining whether a candidate is suitable for a specific job.

Determining potential
Determining the extent to which someone has the capacity to grow towards a specific job.

Development assessment
Obtaining a clear idea about the qualities and weaker points of a candidate who wishes to develop towards a specific job within your organisation.

Strengths and weaknesses analysis
Obtaining insight into the qualities and weaker points of a candidate and also determining how to manage these weaker points.

Career orientation and development
The employee learns more about his or her interests and competencies and thereby clearly identifies his or her career possibilities.

Would you like to have a sparring partner to further develop yourself? Do you have an employee who is encountering personal barriers? Our coaches provide a practical process to increase awareness and initiate change. The coaching is individual and intensive. Our experienced career coaches create an atmosphere of openness and trust and thereby make it possible to explore the roots of behaviour in greater depth. Work-related issues are therefore dealt with in a clear way.

Management development
Do you wish to invest in the management layer or bring the personal goals of managers more in line with your organisational objectives? Together with you, we will initiate a process in which management develops on both an individual and an organisational basis. A specially tailored development programme consists of, for example, a combination of assessments, coaching processes and the 360° feedback method. We provide support in all phases of competency management. Teams and individuals therefore develop optimally.

Mobility check
Do you have to part ways with employees and do you wish to offer them support? Hays provides a solution with a mobility check, a compact assessment as an alternative to outplacement. Professional, practical and targeted advice from an expert will better prepare your employees for the jobs market and therefore increase their chances of finding a new, suitable job in the short term.

Hays Assessment & Development

  • Professional advice, practical approach
  • No waiting lists
  • Clear and comprehensible reports
  • Excellent personal contact
  • Expert occupational psychologists
  • Extensive network of offices
  • Online possibilities