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Outlook 2016

Human Resources

Jill van Casteren, Human Resources Manager at Hays, shares her vision on HR.

Strategic workforce planning becomes more important

The economic growth we have seen, which will continue in 2016, clearly affects the HR landscape. The labour market is recovering with an increasing mobility and as a result flex workers will not only increase in numbers but also in importance. Technological developments will continue to have a growing impact as well.  Naturally, a number of specific jobs will eventually become redundant but new technologies will also offer new opportunities in the labour market.

These developments make it increasingly important for organizations to check if their current workforce is effectively aligned with all its current and future ambitions, opportunities and challenges. An effective alignment means that you have the correct number of employees with the desired knowledge, skills and behaviour. There should also be an understanding of which employees are still lacking in these areas or might be not be needed anymore. Based on that understanding a translation must be made to the policy on recruitment, promotion and outflow of personnel; and a decision should be made about which relevant activities should be deployed to make sustainable investments in the productivity and employability of employees. 

Talent Management and Job Crafting

In 2016, Talent Management will also be a very important theme. Organizations will have to put more energy and resources into targeted search, obtaining talent outside the organization and the development of talent within the organization. This not only relates to high potential employees but also to optimizing talent in the organization in relation to the company objectives.

In an increasing number of sectors, Job Crafting has outgrown traditional job descriptions. Tasks will become more important than functions and people will have custom made jobs based on their specific talents. Experience shows that better results are achieved and employees are more satisfied.  The implementation of Job Crafting is becoming an important tool for organizations in the war for talent, because it increases the appeal for promising applicants.

Personnel policy for the flexible workforce

The enormous increase in the number of flex workers in many organizations demands a specific personnel policy. That policy does not only apply to the size of that workforce but also the extent and manner in which flex workers are involved in the internal organization. Subsequently, organizations will have to consider if and how they are going to make their flexible workforce a part of their external profile and employer branding.