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Outlook 2016


Melanie Kool, Marketing Director at Hays, shares her vision on Marketing.

Employer branding is essential for retention and recruitment of talent

A strong employer brand is essential in the battle for talent.  In order to be attractive to applicants, employers need to communicate actively and honestly about fundamental aspects like the values, performance, culture and ambitions of their organization. The marketing and recruitment departments play an important role in building an authentic employer brand with the goal of attracting talent that not only fits the job but the organization as well. However, it is not just all about attracting new talent: retaining existing employees is just as important.

An excellent Customer Experience creates good competitive position

In 2016, customer experience is key. All touch points with a brand are important for this. A good customer experience is one of the best ways to commit talent permanently. Conversely, more than ever a bad experience will result in an irrevocable loss of confidence. Two trends should be taken into consideration: the growing importance of an optimal mobile experience (information gathering, application process and communication) and the growing need for a personalized customer journey.

Content still remains King

In 2016, the sharing of interesting, relevant content remains one of the best ways to build qualitative , sustainable relationships with your target groups. Organizations will have to think more carefully about how they can be of added value to the target group they want to engage, more than about how they can sell their own products or services.  Traditional copy driven content will not disappear but video content is rapidly gaining importance. The further rise of marketing automation (using technology to optimize marketing efforts) will make it easier to display relevant content to the target group at the right time, in the right form.  

We are lost without data

Without data and its correct analysis and interpretation we are lost. Data is the common theme that can be seen through all the trends and developments. Customer centric marketing, optimal customer experience, marketing automation, in case of recruitment the quality of hire, personalization, the list is endless. In 2016, data driven marketing is an absolute must.