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Outlook 2016

Outsourced Recruitment

Jurgen Jaarsma, Director Talent Solutions at Hays, shares his vision on Outsourced Recruitment 2016.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to assist short-term recruitment needs strategically

With the economy recovering, organizations have the ability and desire to grow again. But in many cases the internal organization of companies is not yet set up or prepared for growth. During the crisis years Recruitment Departments did not invest enough in knowledge, innovation and people, which makes it difficult for them to fulfill the fast growing demand for talent. In 2016, companies will often outsource their entire recruitment process for a short or structured period to be able to achieve their growth objectives efficiently and cost-effectively in the short-term.

Number of blended desks to increase because of growing importance in flexible workforces

Strategic workforce planning has become an important boardroom topic in 2016. The recruitment of external talent used to be the responsibility of the hiring manager and procurement professional. In 2016, HR will increasingly focus on the importance of the flexible workforce for companies, taking the lead on the recruitment of both permanent and temporary employees. Consequently, we will notice an increase in the number of blended desks within organizations or, more precisely, a workforce structure in which permanent and temporary employees merge together. This can be achieved by outsourced solutions but also by strategic cooperation with internal and external parties. But the primary objective for organizations’ will remain to recruit top talent and contract type will be far less relevant than knowledge and expertise. 

Quality and sustainable employability will be more important than cost savings

In 2016, the focus on cost savings and cost control within traditional MSPs will be replaced by the need to have more control over the external workforce in terms of efficiency and quality. It will become increasingly important to have insight into the value of flexible employees and the extent to which they can continue to be connected to the company in a sustainable manner.