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Unsworth & Associates (U&A) is a specialized, boutique trust office. It has been administering and managing the affairs of primarily multinational corporations and select families for over thirty years. U&A offers a broad range of services to companies who wish to set up operations in the Netherlands. From a basic holding company requiring domiciliation and management services to fully staffed and functional offices within U&A.

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Linking pin

“I think it’s fair to say that U&A is somewhere between a trust company in the usual sense of the word and the actual office of a client”, says CEO Brad Unsworth. “We’re quite different from traditional trust companies in the fact that our approach is not based on hourly invoicing, like an accounting or legal firm. We negotiate a fee with a client on an annual basis. Our priority is to get the work done and done well. It’s as simple as that. What often happens is that we receive a higher fee than we initially agreed upon, based on results that exceed our clients’ expectations.” The U&A-team interacts very closely with most clients. “I think that’s a big difference compared to the way large trust companies usually work. Our senior accountants really are the linking pin between a clients’ management team, the managing board and various external advisors, such as tax and finance professionals. We get to know our fellow directors and often have good relationships with the accounting and finance people at a clients’ corporate headquarters, whether it’s in the US, Canada or Europe. Our personal approach goes far beyond the various business services we provide. If a client is in Amsterdam for two days, we’ll likely have dinner to catch up in a more informal way. On a professional level, we try to integrate ourselves as best as we can with our clients’ business environment. This means understanding ambitions and challenges as well as the specifics of the markets they operate in.” Ever since its founding, U&A anticipates for a long term relationship with clients. “Even if a company is bought, sold or restructured, often times the shareholders will ask us to continue our involvement.”

Growth spurt

U&A currently has fifteen full-time and part-time employees. On occasion, employees from clients work from U&A’s office in Amsterdam. Unsworth: “We’re definitely going to have a growth spurt in the next year, because the industry is changing and that has a lot of impact on our operations. Just by virtue of the fact that there’s so much more compliance and new regulation coming in, we’re going to have to grow in size. I expect that we’ll have around twenty to twenty-five people on board within the next year.” U&A is an international firm in every sense of the word. “We have people from all around the world. Without exception, they have a professional attitude that doesn’t require monitoring. I think that’s the first and foremost characteristic. In addition, you have to be hands-on and have good social skills to fit our preferred profile. And, a nine to five mentality really doesn’t work in this line of business.” Being located in the centre of Amsterdam is part of the appeal of U&A’s working environment, says Unsworth. “Most of us enjoy a daily commute by bicycle. It definitely beats being stuck in traffic.”