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Manchester City

Since 2013, Hays has been the Official Recruitment Partner of Manchester City. Our cooperation is based on a mutual ambition to attract skilled, expert professionals to build high performing teams. Whether this is on the pitch or in the world of work.

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Hays has helped the Club to build a winning team off the pitch, including recruiting roles across legal, finance, HR and other departments. We work together with City and explore the parallels between the world of work and elite sport. Here you can find content and video's with Manchester City players, about this subject.

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What attributes power a successful team?

Teamwork requires dedication; shared goals help keep the team focused.

How do you continue to develop your skills?

New challenges can feel uncomfortabel, but are a chance to grow.

How does mindset impact your performance?

A positive attitude will help you in tough times.

Who supports you in your career development?

A mentor can help you face new challenges and help you reach your goals.

Kevin de Bruyne

Kevin de Bruyne vertelt hoe zijn persoonlijke vastberadenheid heeft bijgedragen aan het behalen van zijn succes.

Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Silva about his development from a young boy who never missed a training session, to the player he is today.

Match your ambition

In this video players and staff talk about how they fulful their ambition at Manchester City.

Business travel tips

Etihad, City Football Group and Hays share some tips helping business travellers maintain a high performance after travelling.

Talking careers

Our consultants sat down with Manchester City players who revealed insights into their lives.

Behind the scenes

An exclusive look behind the scenes during the shoot of our video 'Talking Careers'.

Make your move

Manchester City players have made their move, is it time for you to make yours?

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Lessons in communication
Communicatielessen | Manchester City FC - Hays.nlWhat lessons can organisations take from the pitch to the workplace?


Generational diversity
Generatiediversiteit | Manchester City FC -
When different generations join forces, it can give a team its greatest strength.


Engage your customers
Engage your customers | Manchester City - Hays.nlIn a world of online reviews and social media, customer engagement has never been more important.


Lessons on international expansion
Tips on international expansion | Manchester City -
Expanding into a new country is a huge milestone for any organistion. Also one of the most challenging.


Scouting for talent
Scouting for talent | Manchester City -
Like the recruitment experts at Hays, Manchester City specialises in spotting talent.


Benefits of international mobility
Benefits of international mobility | Manchester City - Hays.nlSmart employers offer employees the opportunity to take international steps within the organisation.



Equip staff for elite performance
Geef medewerkers de middelen voor goede prestaties - Hays.nlHow can you inspire employees to be more productive? Together with Manchester City we look at the source for success.


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