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Hays Journal

A magazine for experts in HR & Recruitment

Disruptive technological advances that drastically change the world of business are nothing new. From the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century to Industy 4.0, major changes to the way sectors operate are constant. But there is no denying that the pace of change is increasing. Even new businesses must be reactive and ready to enter new markets. But how can you build a workforce that is prepared to face change?

What's inside this Journal?

Pleasing people

In a world of social media and online reviews, positive interactions with customers are more important than ever. How can it be built into a culture?

Out of sight

Blind recruitment is often touted as the key to addressing unconscious bias. But it also has weaknesses. Find out how it can be used effectively.

Changed reality

Virtual reality technology has been around for decades. Can its potential in the workplace finally be realised?

New Age challenges

Generation Z are now entering the workfoce. With them, they bring new skills and challenges. How can businesses help them adjust?