Anti-discrimination policy

Hays believes that everyone deserves equal opportunities. So also in finding and keeping a job. Hays' operations are therefore aimed at giving jobseekers a fair chance of employment, regardless of their age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, life, political or religious beliefs, race, ethnic origin or nationality.

Antidiscriminatiebeleid -

Recruitment and selection treats jobseekers equally by assessing them exclusively on job-related criteria. We assess suitability for a job according to a person's skills, competences and talents.

What does Hays understand by discrimination?

Hays understands discrimination to mean treating people differently, putting them at a disadvantage or excluding them on the basis of (personal) characteristics, such as religion, belief, political affiliation, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, chronic illness or age.

What is Hays' responsibility as an employer?

As an employer, Hays is committed to creating a safe working environment in which people treat each other with respect at all times at all levels, there is room for constructive dialogue and undesirable behaviour in any form is prevented and dealt with.

Hays is also committed as an employer to ensuring that its employees know Hays's position on discrimination, that they know that Hays will not accept discrimination and that they feel supported by Hays not to cooperate with discriminatory requests. We therefore inform and train our employees on how to recognise and counter discrimination in the performance of their duties.

Acting by employees?

Employees have their own responsibility to be alert to requests from clients of a discriminatory nature, recognise such requests and ensure that they do not cooperate with them. If the employee is in doubt, he/she can contact an immediate supervisor for consultation.

What does Hays do against discrimination?

Hays' general terms and conditions are agreed with its clients in such a way that Hays provides its services in accordance with an anti-discrimination policy.


Hays not only considers it important for itself and its clients to commit to an anti-discrimination policy, but also requires this of parties who wish to provide services to Hays. Through supplier contracts of Hays' clients, Hays' suppliers are required to provide their services in accordance with our anti-discrimination policy.


All new Hays employees are familiarised with Hays' anti-discrimination policy as a recruitment and selection agency by means of training from the Legal and Marketing expertise. This includes a focus on direct and indirect discrimination and how to act upon a discriminatory request.

Practical training

In addition, new Hays employees who take on the role of Consultant and therefore perform recruitment and selection services for Hays clients, will be trained in how to apply the Hays anti-discrimination policy in practice. This will include the correct way of drafting vacancy and recruitment texts and correctly advising Hays clients in their hiring policy and recruitment process.

Information package

New Hays employees who will assume the role of Consultant and our own Corporate Recruiters will also receive a written explanation of Hays' anti-discrimination policy and related reference materials which they can consult at any time.

Complaints procedure

This website contains an staat een online complaints procedure outlining how to proceed when an organisation or individual wishes to raise a complaint.


If an employee identifies discrimination and wishes to raise it, report wrongdoing or misconduct and/or has a confidentiality issue to raise, the employee can contact their immediate manager. If this does not lead to a satisfactory result for the employee, the employee can turn to the management.

Evaluation and adjustment

Every year, Hays reviews whether its anti-discrimination policy is adequate and what, if anything, needs to be adjusted and/or tightened up.

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Hays expects all its employees to respect the highest standards of conduct and to comply with laws and regulations. If you do have a complaint, we would like to hear from you.

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