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Jobs of the future

The financial sector in 2030

Since 2008 the financial sector has been under scrutiny, socially as well as politically. The collapse of powerful institutions in the US that were once considered inviolable caused a tsunami of developments that spared no financial institution in the world. The shock waves were felt in all corners of the world economy and only in the last two years have we seen signs of structural recovery.

To gain insight into the future of the sector and to get a clear picture of future jobs, we conducted comprehensive research. We asked the leading futurologist Marcel Bullinga to outline what the sector will look like in 2030, what developments will determine its structure and what jobs will predominate for the next 15 years.

Then we rolled out our quantitative research. Roughly 400 financial professionals aged 18 to 65 completed the research. We questioned them, for example, about what extent they believe they are prepared for technological developments, how Artificial Intelligence and big data affect their work and how they expect financial institutions to operate in fifteen years’ time.

The third part of our research consists of interviews with our own clients and Hays experts, who also gave their views on working in the financial sector in 2030

This report is intended to inform and inspire. We therefore hope that it will be a topic of debate for employers and employees in the numerous inancial institutions and organizations in our country.

jobs of the future in the financial sector 2030