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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Efficiency is key

Hays provides an MSP solution for managing your external resources. These resources come in many forms, each with their own legal framework: self-employed workers without employees, consultants, international contractors, payrollees, workers engaged on a secondment basis and workers supplied by temporary employment agents. To deal with this dimension, Hays sets up a Resource Desk with very experienced specialists in your sector, often on-site.

Hays concludes agreements with preferred suppliers and manages the strategic vendor relationships on behalf of the client. An online Vendor Management System (VMS) makes the performance of suppliers transparent and measureable. This information subsequently forms the foundation for targeted cost-reduction programmes implemented by Hays Talent Solutions. Although Hays has its own VMS tool, it can also use a third‑party system. The advantages of Hays MSP can be summarised as follows:

  • Customised Neutral Vendor or Master Vendor solutions depending on your objectives
  • A high degree of specialisation from our Resource Desk within your area of expertise eases the acceptance of an MSP solution within your organisation
  • A tremendous amount of experience in vendor management, in respect of which Hays invests in your valuable vendor relationships without losing sight of your own objectives
  • Strong reduction of maverick supply
  • Complete compliance in the area of recipients’ liability, Pre-Employment Screening (PES) and internal guidelines pertaining to, for example, intellectual property and security
  • Online time recording and authorisation as well as consolidated invoicing
  • Practical management reporting for all stakeholders, such as HR, purchasing, finance and control and hiring managers, for each of which specifically tailored reports will be drawn up
  • Pre-selection and smooth on and off-boarding of external resources by Hays Talent Solutions