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Vendor Management System (VMS)

Manage the entire hiring process

A Vendor Management System (VMS) is a cloud-based application that can be used to manage the entire hiring process – from the initial request to the onboarding and offboarding of external employees (payroller, temporary employee, secondee, freelance contractor, independent contractor).

A few of the advantages offered by a VMS:

The system offers you a clear overview of your current suppliers and the individual agreements you have made with these parties. This makes it easier to identify further cost reduction opportunities.

Time & attendance registration and payrolling of external employees are fully automated. The organisation is able to access employee dossiers in digital format, reducing the administrative load for support departments like HR or Finance.

For each external employee, the system can record and monitor a variety of rate agreements, laws and regulations. This increases the manageability and transparency of the associated risks.

You will gain a firmer grip on the costs and quality of your external staff and suppliers. The system allows you to support strategic decisions relating to the composition of your temporary pool or cost reduction programmes with concrete data at any given time.

Management information that is tailored to your requirements allows you to implement highly targeted process improvements and cost reduction measures.

Click this link to view a demonstration video for the 3 Story Software VMS. 3 Story Software is part of Hays PLC.