Prevent cyberattacks at the workplace

Prevent cyberattacks at the workplace

Did you know that people are the most important part of an organisation’s cyber security? A cyber secure workplace culture is a company culture where security is ingrained in every technical aspect of the company. It’s built into the thinking process, the planning and systems of the entire business. All these measures minimize the chances of a cyber attack. For Safer Internet Day we’ve gathered three golden tips to protect your data at work. 

Prevent cyberattacks at the workplace
Read time: 1½ minute | Author: Benedicte Mbayi - Content Marketeer Hays Belgium

3 tips to prevent cyberattacks at the workplace

1.    Education is key

Once management implements a cyber security culture; the next step is to get employee awareness through various trainings. They will help the understanding of the risks of cyber attacks and how to avoid them. From recognizing a suspicious email to preparing for fast recovery after an attack, you want your team to understand the essentials. All too often, employees are unaware and caught off guard, making it very easy for digital criminals to strike. Training in security awareness should be mandatory so that all team members follow it on a regular basis. Anyone can use a reminder, and security threats change regularly, so the awareness of safe practices needs regular updates.

2.    Defeat phishing together

Your team should learn to be cautious when opening emails, clicking any links or downloading attachments. Phishing causes more loss of data than hacking or malware, so avoiding that must be a priority in every company. Most of the time employees don’t realize that they’re engaging in risky behaviour that can put their workplace in danger. Phishing can damage a company’s brand, reputation and even make people lose their jobs. To avoid such disasters, everyone needs to become more cyber aware.
Being more aware starts by being able to recognize suspicious content and knowing how to report it. That’s why providing incident reporting systems is so important. Let every employee know that it helps the organization stay on top of the latest tactics attackers are using. Notifying all users about the incident as quickly as possible can prevent further damage and serve as an opportunity to reinforce the importance of good cyber hygiene.

3. Take responsibility

Simply informing your team about safe cyber habits is not enough. Someone needs to hold them accountable for their actions as well. This can be done by developing and distributing a cybersecurity policy to all employees. Cybersecurity in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility. So, make sure that every team member is informed of all the rules and protocols to follow. From the new intern to managers who have been in the company for a long time. Everyone needs proper training and frequent updates, as the world of cybersecurity never sleeps!
Regardless of which approach is used to implement cybersecurity methods, make sure to keep your team interested and engaged by making it fun, relevant and simple. They must understand how the company addresses cybersecurity dangers, they must attend trainings and learn about the ever-evolving cyber-attack landscape. This way, every team member will know how to manage digital information correctly. Together, everyone can make a difference to improve cybersecurity.  

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