Recruiting trends

5 recruiting trends 2023

How will inflation affect salaries? How will employees respond to fears of financial instability? How do we bridge the talent gaps? These are big questions with no easy answers. We look ahead to the recruiting trends that we can expect for 2023.

Recruiting trends 2023

Recruiting trends 2023 

1.Upskilling and cross-border hiring to help bridge talent gaps throughout the region  

There is a huge shortage of specialist talent in engineering, cybersecurity, cloud computing, life sciences and finance industries, amongst many others.  It´s a candidate-led market: those who are available know their worth and know the demand.

Organisations looking to hire in 2023 will have to market themselves more than ever before if they are to secure the talent they desire or look to upskill underqualified profiles to self-manufacture key skills. 

Another option could be to look beyond borders, convincing qualified candidates to relocate or offering fully-remote contracts and relying on payroll specialists to navigate the red tape.  

2. Workers will be looking to climb the ranks for stability in a volatile economic cycle 

The upskilling strategy mentioned above could be the easiest to implement, as it is likely to match the desires of many of the workers. In a period with so much economic uncertainty, people will be looking to move into bigger roles to reinforce their footing in companies while boosting their finances. 

Many will be aware of the supply and demand issue mentioned above and will be happy to put in the effort required to upskill themselves to satisfy their employers´ needs, as well as their own.  

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3. Permanent contracts to retain popularity 

Another recruiting trend we see for 2023 is the popularity of permanent contracts. Workers who would have accepted or even preferred temporary contracts in pre-pandemia will continue the more recent trend of holding out for permanent placements.

Responding to the skills shortages, companies that might otherwise have taken a “try before you buy” approach to hiring are offering permanent contracts straight away so as not to miss out on the top talent while it´s available.

We expect this to continue in 2023 and would recommend it as long as you have faith in your hiring process. 

In parallel, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, a lot of workers are looking for more freedom and flexibility, and freelancing will grow even more popular.

4. Higher costs and inflationary pressure on salaries to cause extra caution in hiring processes 

An inflation of 14,3% (consumer price index October) has been reducing the urge to hire for many organisations. 

Companies will continue to take extra precautions to keep costs down and get hires right, though with top talent so scarce, we would not recommend waiting too long. 
There is no easy answer, but each organisation will need to work out what is and isn´t possible based on their current income streams and next year’s projections. 

In hiring processes, the younger the candidate, the more impatient they tend to be. They will not wait forever, so neither should you – especially if you want to stay competitive.  

5. Corporate culture and values to become increasingly important for new and existing employees  

People are looking at the world of work in a more holistic way than ever before. People want to follow their dreams, play productive roles in society and work for companies whose values they share. 

To attract and retain the best talent, organisations need to think long-term about their employer value proposition, evaluating how their company culture makes employees feel about themselves. Give employees a project they can believe in, and you will reap the rewards.

In summation, these recruiting trends 2023 will impact both employees en employers alike, therefor, it’s crucial we never stop adapting in the face of change.
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