Internationaal recruitment

International recruitment

If you are looking for a global recruiter to find employees from around the world, or if you are seeking new employment opportunities in emerging markets, we can help.

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Recruiting experts worldwide

Hays is the leading global expert in qualified, professional and skilled recruitment. Last year our experts placed over 300.00 people into new jobs. We employ 12,100 staff members across 32 countries and 20 specialisms.

Hays also focuses on recruitment into emerging markets, supporting our clients’ needs where we do not have a Hays office. Our clients and candidates tell us they have difficulty finding consultants with a real understanding of international markets and the ability to support their international recruitment needs. That is what we offer them.

Traditional recruitment demands for expatriates are changing. Clients are looking for skilled local hires and expatriates to build strong local teams. Hays draws on the knowledge and expertise of its team, as well as our global network to provide talent solutions that will transform your business.


We cover Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, including:

  • Egypt, Liberia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Angola, DRC, Niger, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya
  • Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Myanmar, Thailand and India
  • Peru, Panama and the Caribbean
  • Turkey, Norway and Israel

Our services

Hays is dedicated to helping clients find the talent they need in hardship locations. We recruit for permanent, skilled positions, focusing on the emerging African market. We recruit for a wide level of professional experience, from lower management jobs to senior executives and CEOs.

Key USPs:

  • We support and advise clients as industry experts in the field of international recruitment
  • We provide industry leading knowledge about how best to recruit across international markets
  • We are not restricted by location and provide a truly global recruitment service


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