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As an IT professional, do you feel your friends, family or partner really understand what you are doing? Or do you often get a surprised expression when you try to explain what your daily work activities are?

Even though many people make daily use of the products and services that you develop or maintain. From internet banking to mobile apps, these technologies are an integral part of their way of life.

At Hays we know you play an important part in the development and maintenance of the current digital world, we get IT.

(Professional) knowledge is power

The number of IT Contracting assignments in Europe continues to grow and more and more IT specialists are embracing the road to contracting. Possessing thorough professional knowledge is the key to securing top assignments.

Knowledge is not only limited to professional and social skills. In addition to a commercial focus, today's IT Contractor needs to be global-minded as well. Organisations are specifically looking for people who can support the strategic transformation and globalization of their services.

Banking, Logistics and Pharma are the three sectors in the Netherlands with the highest demand for IT Contractors. With vacancies in cyber security, cloud services and mobile applications (IOS, Android, Java).

Reducing the gap

One of the challenges in the Dutch economy is narrowing the gap between the skills that organisations demand, and what the educational system delivers, especially for cloud services and mobile services. While globally efforts are being made to reduce this gap, it is imperative that organisations and the educational system work together more closely.

In short, the message is that if you can demonstrate your professional knowledge and contribute to the global business, the best IT Contracting projects will come to you. And that of course also includes higher salaries and attractive contracts.

Find your IT Contracting job or learn about the benefints of IT Contracting via Hays.

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