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Jobs of the Future

Hays researched the future labor market. Will our jobs still exist in 2030 and if so how are they changed?

We have conducted research in the sectors: Engineering & Technology, Finance, IT, Logistics & Supply Chain and Oil & Gas. Over 350 professionals participated in this study.

What is Jobs of the Future?

Based on future sketches, a series of propositions has been presented to specialists working in the relevant sectors. Topics such as employment, career prospects and the influence of (geopolitical) international developments on the position of Dutch employees were discussed.

The statements also addressed the desired knowledge and competences, the question whether the current level of knowledge of employees in the sectors will still be sufficient in 2030 and, of course, substantive changes in the profession and the sectors themselves.

The report includes in-depth interviews that we conducted with professionals who are active at a high level in the sector. Finally, the Hays experts have their say.

This report is intended to inform and inspire. We sincerely hope that it will provide discussion material for employers and employees at the countless organizations in our country.

View below the studies per sector.

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