Baan van de Toekomst in Engineering & Technology

Job of the Future in Engineering & Technology

The Netherlands is world leader in the design, development and manufacture of high-tech equipment and micro and nano components. 3D printing, robotisation and nanotechnology will be important developments in the next 15 years.

Baan van de toekomst in Engineering & Technology -

The study of the Job of the Future provided an interesting picture of the expectations that nearly 400 respondents have of their job and the labor market in the future.

For the Engineering & Technology sector you can read the most important findings below, or download the full report.

Highlights research Jobs of the Future

  • According to about 65% of the respondents, all products will be 100% energy-efficient by 2030
  • 3D printing, robotisation of production and nanotechnology will have completely broken through in 2030
  • Almost 40% of the respondents expect that the production of energy will be fully realized on a small-scale and local level by 2030
  • Less than 30% expect more than three-quarters of industry activities to be taken over by self-learning and self-thinking virtual robots by 2030
  • 78% think that in 2030 it will no longer be necessary to be physically present at the office
  • as a result of exponential technological developments, more than 50% think that working in the sector in 2030 will be so complicated that updating of skills is necessary

Jobs of the future:

  • AI-expert
  • Advanced augmented reality technology specialist
  • Nanotechnology (research) engineer

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