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Jobs of the Future in Finance

Since 2008, the financial sector has been under a social and political magnifying glass. The collapse of powerful and untouchable institutions in the US sparked a tsunami of developments that spared no financial institution in the world.

Baan van de Toekomst in Finance -

The shock waves have been felt in every corner of the global economy and only recently we start to see signs of structural recovery worldwide.

Nearly 400 respondents gave their views on the following three sub-themes: the future financial sector, the development of employment within the sector and the future of their own job. You can read the most important findings below, or download the full report.

Highlights research Jobs of the Future in Finance

  • For 94% updating of skills is a prior condition for continuing to work in the sector in 2030
  • According to 64%, in 2030 artificial intelligence (AI) and big data will form the basis for every decision and advice within the financial sector
  • 56% think the hourly rates will go down
  • According to just under 70%, soft skills will gain from factual knowledge in 2030
  • 52% expect banks to still provide loans in 2030, despite alternatives such as peer-2-peer and crowdfunding
  • 42% expect banks will only be for money management, due to new technologies and the emergence of startups
  • 53% do not believe in the disappearance of currencies tied to countries and continents
  • 88% of employees in the financial sector expect all payments to be real-time by 2030
  • 61% expect banks to be IT companies by 2030
  • On average, 45% of respondents think that fintech companies could be a threat to their current employer and the sector by 2030

Jobs of the future

  • Financial A.I. Analist
  • Business Decision Manager
  • Strategic Chief Financial Officer (SCFO)

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