Baan van de Toekomst in Logistiek en Supply Chain

Jobs of the Future in
Logistics & Supply Chain

Digitalisation, access to information anytime anywhere, other ways to co-act and making work more flexible; these are examples of trends that have a major impact on our labor market.

Baan van de Toekomst in Logistiek & Supply Chain -

The above developments certainly apply in the logistics & supply chain sector. The logistics sector has a broad impact, which affects everyone, such as the environment, quality of life, digitalisation, transport and passenger transport.

The logistics & supply chain sector therefore has a clear social significance. We see this involvement reflected in the companies and professionals in the market. The sector innovates and digitizes.

Over 350 respondents gave their views on the future logistics and supply chain sector. They shared their knowledge and vision of the development of employment within the sector and the future of their own jobs.

Below you can read the main findings, or download the full report.

Highlights Jobs of the Future in Logistics

  • 61% consider it realistic that drones will be used in logistics
  • 73% of respondents consider automation and robotization in warehouses and production facilities to be able to run 24/7
  • According to 96%, smart logistics processes are necessary to keep cities livable by 2030
  • 60% foresee that human chauffeurs will (partly) be replaced by computers in road transport
  • According to 59%, by 2030, companies will no longer hold large stocks
  • Two thirds believe that by 2030, 10% to 30% of the current number of jobs in the sector will disappear
  • 37% think that politicians are aiming for a labor market with mainly flexible jobs

Jobs of the future

  • Logistic programme-planner
  • Predictive supply chain data analyst
  • Circular logistics auditor
  • High tech transport controller

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