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Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe 15 Sep 2021

Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe

Initially renowned as a pioneer in manufacturing hydraulic excavators, Hitachi Construction Machinery is now, with approximately 20,000 employees worldwide, one of the world’s largest construction equipment suppliers. The range of Hitachi construction & mining equipment includes excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks and special application machines. Their products and services offer social, environmental and economic value to their customers.

Yokogawa 23 Jul 2020


Yokogawa has focused on the advancement of industry, and how it could contribute to the realization of a better society. Today, as sustainability is essential for the environment, society, and the economy, Yokogawa is working with its customers to create new value in order to build a healthy planet for future generations.

Ampleon 03 Jun 2020


Created in 2015, Ampleon is shaped by 50 years of RF power leadership and is set to exploit the full potential of data and energy transfer in RF. Its innovative, yet consistent portfolio offers products and solutions for a wide range of applications. The name ‘‘Ampleon’’ is the combination of “amplify” (=enhance) and “eon” (=eternity). It reflects the products we stand for and our commitment to “Amplify the future” of RF Power. Our values are focus, excellence and velocity which help us structure our responsibilities, facilitate teamwork and increase employee satisfaction. We believe that variety and diversity make a difference and is key to our success. As a global company with 1,350 employees worldwide, Ampleon has 16 offices spread across three continents: Europa, Asia and the Americas. The headquarters is situated on Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen.

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