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Advantages of a recruitment video (video vacancy)

According to recent statistics from YouTube billions of hours of videos are watched on their site alone every, single, day. So for those of you looking for a way to build a more engaging recruitment process, consider video.

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A recruitment video commands the attention, and contrary to popular belief your video does not need to go viral to be successful.  How can you benefit from a video vacancy?

Advantages of a recruitment video (also known as a video vacancy)

Clearly visible on social media

At Hays we are using a tool called VideoMyJob. With this we equip our recruiters to create branded video job ads, specially for your vacancy. They can then quickly and easily share this on social media. An example of such a video you can find here.

It’s a great way to stand out in the midst of all the other noise on social, humanise your job postings and even better it doesn’t drag on your precious marketing resources to create you a video all the time.

Bringing your employer brand to life

Online your employer brand needs to be authentic. Video is a great way to do this.

By showing your company culture, environment and engaged employees, not just telling, you gain serious credibility. For example, you can show 'A day in the life of a...'

These videos can be used on your careers sites, in your recruitment emails or at events.

Explaining your application process

Many organisations are not aware of it, but constant communication throughout the recruitment process is key for most candidates. Candidates would like to know what the next steps are and when to expect them.

Explaining your application process sets you apart from the competition. Video can be a great medium for this, especially when you add the video to your written vacancy text. This results in a nice variation and breaking up all the reading.

Would you like to know how candidates experience your application process? Then do this short test.

Use video as part of the application process

In addition to a video vacancy, a video job interview is also easy to set up. It is a good way to speak when, for example, the agendas are difficult to coordinate or when you and the candidate are too far apart in terms of location. 

A new way of recruitment

The historic world of 'Advertise & Apply' is outdated. It has made way for the much more successful 'Find & Engage’ model, developed by Hays, and few things are more engaging than video.

Learn more about the advantages of our Find & Engage model.

Your candidates want to know what it’s really like to work at your company, and video allows you to give them the context that words alone will struggle to convey. We are happy to help you making your video vacancy, just fill in the contact form you find at this page.

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