What workers want

What workers want
the impact of COVID-19

Hays has conducted researched into the current and future impact of COVID-19 on our labor market, organisations and employees. These results can be read in our report: What Workers Want 2020.

What dó workers want?

We see a clear message for employers:
  • a third of the employees say they feel less loyal to their employer, and
  • over a third of employees now attached more value to organizations with a purpose; how does the organization contribute to society
The search for new employees may have become 'easier' due to the change in the market, but retaining exiting colleagues might become a lot more challenging.

In our research we found out how employees feel about different aspects of their job and the labor market. But also their expectations of what the workplace should look like in the future, in order to be able to attract the right employees.

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Our research enables us to detect potential barriers, but also to discover opportunities and useful insights. What workers want is a tool for employers to work with when drawing up or revising a modern and constructive HR policy.

In this way we want to help professionals, employers ánd employees, move forward and above all guide them towards the future.

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