What workers want

What workers want 2021-2022
focus on employee wellbeing

Hays regularly conducts research into what employees expect and want in their current or future job. This time we zoomed in on employee wellbeing, both physically and mentally. The results can be read in our report What Workers Want.

What dó workers want?

We see a clear message for employers to focus on:   
  • 81 percent feel their employer has a responsibility for their employee wellbeing, while 46 percent said they have not received any support from their organisation in the past year 
  • 43 percent of the respondents often experience stress from deadlines or workload 
  • 46 percent do not feel recognised for their work and success 
Employees are united in what they want for the future: contact with colleagues, investing to stay (mentally) healthy, continuing to learn and develop skills and at the same time not going back to the old way of working. 

Employers need to realise this all the more nowadays, to ensure they can hire the best candidate and do not lose their current employees. 

Are you taking the right steps towards the future, for employee wellbeing? 

Our research enables us to identify potential barriers, but also to uncover opportunities and insights.  

What Workers Want is a tool for employers to work with when creating, or revising, a modern and effective HR-policy. Our recommendations can help you, as an employer, to offer extra support to staff.

And as an employee, to take an honest look at how you can improve your working life, as this is not only the responsibility of an employer.

In this way we want to help professionals, employers ánd employees, move forward and above all guide them towards the future.

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