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Resourcing your world of work

Always assured of the best talent, without any worries about compliance, costs and the contract form? As an expert in outsourced recruitment solutions, Hays Talent Solutions offers innovative recruitment services to many organizations worldwide.

Our international network and our knowledge of recruitment processes and technology gives us the opportunity to efficiently attract the best candidates for organizations and to optimize the recruitment process.

Get to know our services and innovative solutions - RPO, MSP and VMS - and see immediately how much time and money you can save.

Recruitment process outsourcing -
Filling permanent positions.
We take care of everything.
Managed Service Provider -
Managing temporary workers.
How to save costs.


Vendor Management Systems -
Manage the entire hiring process
with our vendor managemet system.


Contract management

Hays Talent Solutionsw provides a broad range of outsourced services. At various clients we take over the contract management of external parties in its entirety and, by means of tailored contracts, make all requirements and procedures clear to temporary workers or suppliers. A telephone call to Hays Talent Solutions will suffice from the moment at which you decide to hire a party. Hays Talent Solutions will handle all further procedures so that you can hire external parties without concern. Hays Talent Solutions safeguards all internal and external procedures and supervises the on-boarding of temporary workers. Because of our years of experience, our NEN 4400 certification and our membership of the Dutch Association of Intermediary Organisations and Temporary Employment Agencies (NBBU), Hays ensures a hiring process that is free of risk for the hirer.


Because Hays Talent Solutions has years of experience in contract management, MSPs and brokering, we also provide brokering services. In the case of brokering, we present your hiring requirements to the market in a targeted way to parties with which Hays is in partnership. This means that you do not have to issue an application to several parties yourself, since Hays Talent Solutions will do so on your behalf. This method means that we can present a shortlist of suitable candidates -candidates that Hays Talent Solutions has preselected from the total on offer- within 72 hours. We make sure that you can hire the best candidate at the best price and that you have one point of contact with clear contractual terms.

Compliancy scan

  • Do you have external workers in your organisation?
  • Do you know how many external workers you are currently hiring?
  • Do you have standard contracts for the hiring of external workers?
  • Do you hire foreign external workers?
  • Do you know the difference between a Declaration of Income Tax Status (income from activities at the company’s risk and expense), a Declaration of Income Tax Status (profits from business activities) and a Declaration of Income Tax Status (results from other activities)?
  • Do you know what the Wages and Salaries Tax and National Insurance Contributions (Liability of Subcontractors) Act means for you?

These are all extremely important questions when hiring external workers. It is very important to be aware that an inability to answer the above questions means major financial risks. Hays Talent Solutions can carry out a compliancy scan to analyse your hiring process and identify potential risks. Based on an audit of your processes, contracts and financial flows, our experienced consultants can provide advice on a safe way of hiring external workers.

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