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Employer Branding

Employer Branding:
The benefits of a strong employer brand

At Hays we believe that the right person in the right role can transform an organization. The candidate’s opinion about the company is of great importance to attract the right employees. What are the benefits of a strong employer brand?

Employer Branding -

The recruitment market has been transformed by social media, smartphones and always-on connectivity, meaning employers need to use a more sophisticated and innovative approach to talent acquisition.

To meet this increasing demand, Hays has developed a suite of candidate attraction techniques, designed to find you the right candidate and showcase your employer brand.

What are the advantages of a strong employer brand?

Having a strong employer brand provides a positive public and general opinion about the company, which makes it increasingly attractive for potential employees to apply at the company.

In addition, good Employer Branding ensures immediate clarity to candidates with what kind of organization they are dealing with. This makes it possible to quickly discover a 'cultural fit'.

External benefits of Employer Branding

  • Reduced time to hire
  • Dormant and active job-seekers are reached
  • Applicants will be of higher quality
  • More positive public opinion

Internal benefits of Employer Branding

  • Employee engagement will increase
  • Employee motivation will increase
  • Employees continue to work at the organization for a longer period
  • In the long term: reduced recruitment costs

Employer Branding is extremely important, regardless the identity of the organization. Whether it is a young IT company that is looking for a very scarce Cybersecurity specialist or an organization who is looking for the ideal Customer Representative: a strong employer brand ensures that the right match can be made more quickly.

Attracting the right candidates is not the only benefit a strong employer brand offers; your current employees will stay with your organization for a longer period and the public opinion about the company becomes even more positive.

When is the time to take Employer Branding to the next level?

As you can imagine, employer branding is a valuable tool which can ensure you the best candidates are attracted. The following signals indicate that employer branding needs a better approach:

  • Your company does not receive enough application in general
  • Your company does not receive enough applications for a specific department / position
  • Your company does not receive enough qualitative applications
  • Your company has few Social Media followers
  • Your company wants to change it’s image
  • Your company has too little brand name recognition

How can you increase the visibility of the employer brand?

Thanks to an innovative and strategic approach, both potential and active job seekers are reached and you raise the "Employer Brand Value" to a higher level. Through Social Media Recruitment, Content Marketing Campaigns, Video Campaigns and a "Working at" site the brand identity will be optimally radiated.

To achieve a higher "Employer Brand Value" we use creativity that fits within the brand identity of your organization. In this way a data-driven, optimized recruitment campaign can be developed.

When you think your employer brand needs improvement, please contact us to find out how Hays can help you.

block employer branding alle onderwerpen

Increase your visibility

Employer Branding

Talent Attraction

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