Wat is IT Contracting?

What is IT Contracting?

Simply put, with IT Contracting professionals offer their expertise from legal contract forms, for example as a freelancer. These specialists are contracted for a specific period of time, usually to work on individual projects, as opposed to permanent staff.

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Even though this definition is simple, having a successful career as an IT Contractor is not.

What is IT Contracting?

Above we gave the definition of IT Contracting, but there is more to it than just setting up your own company.

IT Contracting is about delivering services - not about certain results or products. The IT contractor offers on-demand skills and thereby helps the customer to do what is important for the company. Contracting gives the economy the flexibility it needs to adapt to the changing environment.

Companies can get the skills they need when they need them, and get rid of financial burdens when demand is no longer there. In a global economy where skills shortages seem to be growing, talented individuals don’t have their hands tied and can share their expertise with multiple organizations and are rewarded accordingly. Ultimately, all parties can achieve their objectives and flourish.

What’s in it for you?

Where until recently people wanted a "job for life", where they stayed in one organization for a longer period of time, the new generation of employees do not want to work in the same place for more than ten years. People want to gain more experience, and work in international teams, which often leads to an increase in 'job hopping'.

A great way to do this is to become a contractor - giving yourself the flexibility to choose when and where to work. You will also get payed more than in a permanent job because customers will compete for your skills and are not limited by charges they have when hiring permanent staff.

But for customers to compete for your skills, you must have something they want. To be a successful IT contractor you must work in an area of expertise where others wouldn’t want to work in, in a perm position. Because why would organisations pay you more to do work that can also be done by one of their current employees?

Talking to an experienced recruitment professional is often the first step in investigating whether there is a demand for your skills and whether becoming an IT Contractor would be beneficial for you. Our consultants are happy to help you with this question.

As an IT contractor you can expect to earn good money in a flexible working environment, while your skills and knowledge are constantly evolving. 

What are the characteristics of an IT contractor?

It is essential to possess the skills that customers want.

It is crucial to learn new skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, even for experienced contractors. Just like regular companies have to invest in their infrastructure, people and products, an IT contractor must constantly invest in his own company (himself) in order to survive and thrive. You do, however, have more control over how you develop yourself and you determine your own career path.

IT contractors should not be afraid of the 'risk versus reward' dynamic. They must be able to cope with the pressure from customers, because people expect top quality for the substantial amount they have to pay. In addition, contractors must have good social skills to be able to integrate quickly into new teams.

It is important that you are a driven seller; you will have to call customers and convince them to do business with you. Working with an experienced recruitment agency like Hays can be beneficial; we already have a large network of contacts. We can take on the difficult and time-consuming task of finding companies that are looking for your skills. You only have to show up for the job interview!

In summary: a top IT contractor has a strong entrepreneurial spirit; they are willing to travel to where the work is; they are businesslike, they manage their finances (taxes, administration, etc.) and they create a ‘financial airbag’ for when they are in between jobs.

If this sounds like a match, then you are the excellent candidate to enter the world of IT Contractors!

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