What is secondment, and what are your benefits? We explain what secondment via Hays means and how a secondment agency can help you find a suitable job.

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What is secondment?

In case of secondment, your employer will lend you out to a third party. This means that you are employed by - for example - Hays, and that we lend you out to another organization. Your employment contract will still be with Hays then.

This can be for permanent roles, temporary projects and interim assignments.

What are the benefits of working via a secondment agency?

Secondment via Hays offers you a number of benefits. We think along about your career and guide you through the next steps.

Benefits at a glance:

  • We are your partner. You have one-on-one conversations with us. We give you feedback and tips, think along with you about your career and we guide you through all the steps. This way you are optimally prepared for your interviews with potential clients.
  • We offer you long-term career opportunities. Together we ensure that there is always a challenging project waiting for you.
  • We are preferred supplier for various attractive organisations. This means that these organisations first approach Hays with new vacancies and projects. This allows us to offer you assignments that would otherwise not come your way.
  • We offer the possibility of being hired as a seconded employee at Hays, even before we actually have a project available for you. With your professional development in mind, we set up a growth path and we look for clients that suit you.
  • Secondment is a good preparation for a later switch to, for example, self-employment

Why choose secondment via Hays?

  • Hays stands for expertise and is passionate about people. We believe a dream job is available for everyone and the right job can change your life.
  • We are proud to be the global leader in recruitment. This expertise enables us to present you with the right vacancies and projects that match your experience, qualifications and ambitions. This is also proven by the high ranking in the list of most powerful companies on LinkedIn.
  • We have a good relationship with our seconded workers who in many cases have been working through us for many years. We are therefore proud of a candidate rating of 8.6.
  • Of course we go through the employment conditions together and you are assured of a punctual payment.

With the support of Hays you have excellent opportunities for a new secondment job, interesting projects or assignments.

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