Prepare for a job interview

A job interview can be stressful, but preparing for it will boost your confidence and help you to show interviewers what you can offer their organisation.


An important part of the preparation is, for exampe, asking the right questions during the job interview and promoting yourself with relevant examples.

How to prepare for a job interview?

Take at least the following points in consideration while preparing for the job interview:

The organisation

The purpose of your preparation is to get to know the organization as well as possible.

In which sector operates the organization? What is the vision and mission of the company? Who are their competitors and what distinguishes the company from others?

It is nice for your interlocutor to notice you are well informed and know the specific characteristics of the organization.This indicates that you are knowledge-driven. And it gives you a starting point to motivate why you want to work for the company.

Your interlocutor

Be aware that your future employer is already starting to form a picture of you as soon as you enter the building. Everyone, from receptionist to director, can directly or indirectly influence which candidates are chosen or even who gets the job.

It can be that the job interview will be conducted by several people. Remember their names so that you can address them during the conversation. Make sure you stay focused on the conversation and do not get distracted by external factors such as a chair that is shaky, or the sun that shines in your eyes. Indicate this at the beginning of the conversation, so that it won’t affect you during the interview.

Relax and see the people opposite you as equals. Listen carefully to their questions. Do not try to get too nervous and forget to listen. Before answering a difficult question feel free to think about your answer and how you want to formulate it. By taking the time, you just come across seriously and professionally.

Tell about yourself and your talents and challenges

Your resume is a nice starting point for the job interview. Most interviewers will deal with the resume in chronological order and start with the last work experience. Take the opportunity to indicate the challenges / difficulties of three to five projects (preferably at different employers) and explain how you have made them a success. With this you not only show your working method and creativity, but also that you are result-oriented. Next to this it gives you the opportunity to indicate what your added value is for the organization.

Of course you will be asked what your weaknesses are. Be honest and sincere. You can turn the question to your advantage by mentioning weaknesses that can benefit the company. Another solution is to name weaknesses that you know are not actually characteristic for the job.

What questions to ask during a job interview?

This is an opportunity to show your enthusiasm and interest. While conducting research in the organization you probably already have noticed a number of things that you may have questions about. Keep in mind that an open question gives more room for an in-depth discussion than a closed question.

A few (open) questions that can be useful during the first job interview:

  • What will become my main responsibilitie?
  • What is the team like, which roles are there?
  • In what way do the roles relate to mine?
  • How is the atmosphere within the team?
  • What is the reason for the outstanding job?
  • Who will I report to?
  • What is his / her management style?
  • Which training or introductions are planned?
  • What kind of one-off projects can be added?
  • What contact will I have with the other departments of the company, or with the customers and suppliers?
  • To what extent is it possible to take on other tasks or to be involved in other aspects of the company?
  • Are there plans for growth? What influence will this have on my job?
  • What opportunities are there to grow within the company?

Cross your t’s and dot your i‘s

Consider in advance what you are going to wear to the job interview. It goes without saying that looking well goes above all else and the details are not unimportant.
Clean hands and groomed nails (this also applies to the men!), trimmed facial hair, polished shoes and socks that are attuned to the rest of the clothing are a number of important details.
Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable. Not too tight or made of synthetic materials which are more likely to make you go sweat.

Do not go to bed too late the night before and drink an extra cup of coffee the morning before the interview to be sharp.
With this good preparation you don’t not need it, but still: success!

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