Make the best of your job interviews

Good preparation is of course at the top of your list. But what do recruiters pay attention to and what questions do they often ask? You get tips on how to prepare for your interview and we explain what the commonly used STAR method actually is.

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Your job interview

Prepare for your job interview well, so you can anticipate and pay more attention to your interviewer.

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11 common job interview questions

Have a look at the most common job interview questions. This way you can attant the conversation well prepared.

11 common questions

Sollicitatiegesprekken | Waarom wil je hier werken? -

Why do you want to work here?

This may be the most difficult, but also most commonly asked question during you job interview.

Growth mind-set -

Show your growth mind-set

Show your growth mind-set, and achieve more success during your job interview.

Telefonisch sollicitatiegesprek -

Telephone interview

An job interview by phone can feel uncomfortable. View our most important tips for a perfect conversation.

Goede eerste indruk -

A good first impression

Your interlocutor already forms an image of you in the first few seconds. Let this be as positive as possible.

Tips for a good first impression

Sollicitatiegesprekken | Waarom maar geen uitnodiging? -

What? That was part of the selection process?

The selection process for an open vacancy is more then only your CV and cover letter. Don’t undo your hard work in a few seconds.

Omgaan met onwettige vragen -

Sensitive questions

Usually they are asked in all innocence, but how to deal with questions that are sensitive or even discriminatory?

Dealing with unsuitable quetions (Dutch only)

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Good questions to ask

One suggestion that significantly increases the chance of success: ask the right questions.

Overtuigingskracht verhogen -

Calm your interview nerves

Change your thinking and calm your interview nerves. This might be easier said than done, so here're 7 tips to calm those job interview nerves.

Here's how to calm your nerves 

Solliciteren | STAR methode voorbeeden -

STAR method

The often used STAR method; what is it exactly, and what is its value to you?

Video intervieuw -

We see it more and more: video interviews

How to make a good impression during a video interview, and what should you remember?

Swot analyses

Time to SWOT

An important element of being successful in your job interview is understanding what you are good at. Herefore you can use a SWOT analysis.

Elevator pitch -

Elevator pitch

With an elevator pitch you can present yourself briefly and clearly, at any desired time or location.

Sollicitatiegesprekken | 2e sollicitatiegesprek -

Second job interview

What is the difference between the first and second job interview?

Salarisonderhandeling -

Salary negotiation

It's not uncommon to see a gap between an employee and an employer during salary negotiations. How do you enter the negotiation well prepared?


Contractvoorstel -

Job offer

You've had a successful job interview and you're offered a job contract. How do you deal with this?

Omgaan met een tegenbod -

Dealing with a counter offer

You received an offer from your current employer, to counter the one from your future employer, now what?

Dealing with a counter offer (Dutch only)

Waar recruiters op letten -

What do recruiters pay attention to

When you know exactly what recruiters pay attention to during the job interview, you can easily respond to this.

Ontslag nemen -

How to resign

It is not uncommon to experience a lot of emotions when you have decided to hand in your resignation.

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Free CV template

We developed a free resume template for you to download.

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Your free guide with job interview tips

We created a free guide with tips to a successful job interview.

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