Your 5 step Monday morning guide to career success

Your 5 step Monday morning guide to career success

You only have to ask any successful CEO what time they get up in the morning to realise how important mornings can be – and of those, the first morning of the week, Monday, is key to success.

Read time: 3 minutes | Author: Dirk Hahn, CEO & Strategic Director - Hays Germany

The most successful people don’t get Monday morning blues. These people see Monday as an opportunity to start anew and create something fresh and exciting.
By focusing not on how much you don’t want to get out of bed, but instead on what you want to achieve that week you can inspire yourself to really make the most of Monday mornings.

Research shows that we are at our most alert and capable during the first few hours of our day, specifically 10.01am according to one study. Successful professionals realise this, and capitalise on their Monday mornings by following a similar set of routines. Here’s what they do:

1. They get up early

The early bird really does get the worm. If you want to excel in your profession, then you probably won’t mind getting up half an hour earlier than everyone else.

This time can be used really effectively to help you get ahead. During this time, the most successful professionals choose to do a number of things – four of which are listed below.

2. They exercise

One of their most popular early morning activities is a light workout. Many professionals now work unpredictable schedules and don’t know how much free time is available in the evening until it’s too late. Avoid having to cancel or rush evening exercise by getting it done first thing.

Help make your transition from the weekend into the week seamless. Whether it’s running, stretching, yoga or even meditation, exercise is a great way to prime your body for a productive week ahead.

3. They spend time with loved ones

Breakfast time is an excellent time to spend time with your family. Make an occasion of it each morning. It’s rare that families are able to all eat dinner together – owing to differing schedules and bed times – but there’s no reason why some quality time can’t be enjoyed in the morning.

Busy professionals often remark that spending time with loved ones reminds them of what they are thankful for in life, helping them to put all their thoughts and concerns about work into perspective and motivate them to achieve.

A nutritious breakfast should also not be overlooked. Making sure you have the necessary energy stores to help you perform throughout the day should be a staple part of your daily routine.

4. They visualise the week ahead

Rushing into the week and solving each task as it falls on your desk is a sure path to professional burnout. Strategise properly by drawing up a list of priorities and keep to a schedule of when you plan to address them. If you need some extra motivation for the week then it’s not uncommon for even the most acclaimed business figures to inspire themselves with a stirring speech or text.

Once in the office it’s good practice to ensure everyone is on the same page. Exchanging plans and schedules helps to keep everyone’s priorities aligned. A half hour each Monday morning can serve as an open forum for any concerns, questions or suggestions before anyone becomes too invested in individual projects for the week.

5. They tackle the most difficult task first

The morning is a rare opportunity for many people to work on projects without risk of interruption. Giving yourself a head start on everyone else’s week by waking up half an hour earlier is a good way of freeing up some “me time”. During this time you can tackle projects or make provisions for things that you otherwise wouldn’t have time for.

Do you want to feel lasting confidence and energy? Complete your trickiest assignment first. After confronting the most dreaded task everything else should be a breeze in comparison.
Also, our mind can get fatigued from the afternoon onward – just like any other muscle that is exercised over a long period – and so we are less capable of solving the more difficult priorities.

Try it yourself and see if you achieve any positive results. Set your alarm half an hour earlier next Monday and watch your productivity and satisfaction increase.

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