Wat is IT Contracting

What is IT Contracting?

Simply put, a contractor is an independent IT expert who is employed by a customer based on a B2B agreement. This specialist is outsourced on a fixed term to - usually - work on individual projects, in contrast to the traditional permanent employees who work on a permanent basis.

Working wiht Hays makes it easier for both cusotmer and IT professional.

We relieve IT-specialists from the difficult and time-consuming task of finding clients. We have a large network of contacts, so they don't have to worry about selling themselves and they can just focus on delivering great work.

This also applies to you, the client. Many people underestimate the time it takes to hire staff: planning, creating a job description and vacancy, promoting the job, interviewing candidates and finally closing the deal. All these tasks pull you away from your daily work.

Hays is therefore invaluable to you, as an expert in this process we are already in contact with the candidates you wish to invite for an interview. Working with Hays is a fast and effective way to secure the right person for your company. Are you curious about your benefits then you can contact us via the contact form at this page.

We are also happy to give more information about the act DBA or inform you about the most desired soft skills in IT Contracting.

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What is IT Contracting?

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