Hoe word ik een IT Contractor?

How do I become an IT Contractor?

Unfortunately, there is no magic button to change yourself in a contractor from one day to the next. There are a number of things to consider to prepare yourself for the world of contracting, from a commercial and legal point of view.

Hoe word ik een IT Contractor? - Hays.nl

What should you thing about?

Make sure there is a market for your skills

You must be sure that a large pool of clients are looking for someone with your skills.

Scouring job boards and websites from recruitment agencies will give you an idea of the number of organisations currently recruiting for different IT functions. When there are a lot perm jobs available that cover your skills, you can assume that temporary positions are also common.

In addition, follow popular blogs and websites to keep abreast of the latest developments in the market. Will your position still exist in two years or do you need to develop other skills to stay one step ahead of the competition? Continuous investment in training is crucial for a successful IT Contractor.

Finally, talking to an experienced recruitment consultant can be very valuable in getting an expert perspective on the job market. Our consultants each deal with their own different IT specialism. In this way we can give you a clear picture of the market that is relevant to your personal situation.

Setting up a legal structure

When you are working for a client it is important to remember that you are not part of the permanent staff, even though you may be working side by side with them on a project. Of course you are expected to integrate into the team, but be aware that you are always self-employed.

Self-employed people work with model agreements that must be approved in advance by the Tax Authorities. This agreement describes the relationship between the client and the contractor in such a way that it does not lead to an employment relationship.

Be prepared to manage taxes and administration

Like any owner of an organization, you are also responsible for the taxes and administration involved in running your own business. If you do not manage this properly, it can go quite wrong. Some contractors decide to outsource this to an accountant. Their expertise is especially useful when dealing with complex tax issues.

In addition, it is advisable to save money for when you are in between jobs, or need time to recover from an illness. Pension planning is also important to actively manage.

You will have to insure your company and you as a person to avoid being charged if you make a mistake in a complex technical environment. These cases are rare, but it is important to protect yourself. Most clients include this as an obligation in the contract.

Working as a contractor offers many benefits, both professionally and financially. However, you will only be able to enjoy the benefits if you take care of all the extras that come with working as a contractor.

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