Vendor Management System

Vendor Management System (VMS)
manage the entire hiring process

A Vendor Management System (VMS) is a cloud-based application that can be used to manage the entire hiring process from the initial request to the on- and offboarding of external employees (payroller, temporary worker, secondee, freelance, contractor).

An online Vendor Management System makes the performance of suppliers transparent and measurable. This information then forms the basis for targeted savings and control programs.

Hays has its own VMS tool - 3 Story Software - but can also use neutral VMS systems that are available in the market. We are also a certified partner of Beeline.

The benfits of VMS via Hays' 3 Story Software

  • The system provides insight into the number of suppliers and the agreements made with them. Possibilities for cost savings are easier to detect
  • The time registration and the remuneration of the external employees are fully automated. Employee files are made available digitally, the administrative burden of support departments such as HR and Finance is reduced
  • Different price agreements, rules and laws are registered and monitored per external employee. Risks are thereby made manageable and transparent
  • You gain more control over the costs and quality of your external hire and suppliers. Strategic choices with regard flexible hiring or savings programs can be substantiated at any time
  • Customized management information makes it possible to implement very specific process improvements and savings



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