Elevator pitch

Elevator pitch tips

With an elevator pitch you can literally present an idea during a short journey in an elevator. You pitch yourself, or a product in about 40 seconds and quickly get to the point. Learn the intricacies of an personal pitch with these tips.

Elevator pitch


A good elevator pitch 

An elevator pitch, also called a personal statement, consists of several parts: 

  • A catchy opening 
  • Who you are, your education and profession 
  • What are you good at and what do you enjoy (passion / talent) 
  • What can you do for the other person 
  • If possible, name a success and always end with a question to keep the conversation going

A good personal pitch lasts between 30 seconds and two minutes. 

It is advisable to have different elevator pitches ready, because not every situation is similar and requires different content. 

It’s helpful to divide the personal statement into several parts. For each situation you replace a part that fits better. Alternating opening and closing lines also works well. This way you always have a tailored elevator pitch. 

During an elevator pitch, have an active posture and pay attention to your language, speak with persuasiveness, avoid difficult words and jargon, keep in touch with the listener and above all be personal. 

It is advisable to practice the elevator pitch in front of a mirror. 

4 tips for your personal statement 

1. Include enough verbs in your elevator pitch 

To emphasize your strengths even better, you can illustrate them with the right words. If one of your competencies is result-oriented, you can says - as an example - that you have reduced costs and how that has improved the result. 

Below we give examples of related verbs for a number of competencies. 

To build, to make, to invent, to lead, to initiate and to establish. 

Effectiveness and implementation 
Improve, promote, implement, maximise, excel and recover. 

Leadership skills 
Guid, lead, co-ordinate, execute, manage, organise and motivate 

Reduce, mitigate, consolidate, enhance, result and improve. 

Management capacities 
Lead, shape, cooperate, motivate, enable and unite. 

Achieve, appreciate, (over)perform and earn. 

2. Have someone else review your pitch 

Attention to detail is important for most jobs, so when adding a personal statement to your CV, spelling mistakes are not done. Use a spell checker and have someone else read your CV.   

3. Limit your written elevator pitch to 150 - 200 words 

This should be a bit easier now that you know what to do and what not to do, and what the structure should look like. Still, it is easier said than done. 

If you need to pitch yourself for a specific job, take a good look at the vacancy and tailor your pitch accordingly, showing why you are the right match.  

The power of a good personal statement should not be underestimated. This is the opportunity to emphasize your qualities as a candidate. 

4. Be consistent in your story 

A written personal statement can be in the first or third person. Make sure you choose one form and keep it that way throughout the pitch. 

The form you choose should fit your personality and the way you use the pitch. For example, a third-person pitch can work well on paper, while a first-person pitch obviously works better when you're actually in front of someone. 

Boost your success with a pitch 

If you take the above tips to heart, you'll grab attention from the very first moment. This will increase your chances of success. In addition, you can perfectly apply your elevator pitch to one of the most frequently asked questions during a job interview: "Why should we hire you?

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