STAR method example

STAR method example

The STAR method is often used as interview technique during a job interview. But you can also apply this method as an applicant.

STAR method example -
During your job interview, you want to show your best qualities and prove that you are the best candidate for the position. For this you can very well ue the STAR method. Below we explain: 

What is the STAR method? 

STAR stands for: situation, task, action, and result. With the STAR method, you, the applicant, can use successful past experiences to predict future performance. An ‘R’ for ‘reflection’ is often added at the end of the acronym. 


Name a work experience where you can highlight one of your positive qualities. 


After describing this situation, you indicate what your task was. 


What did you do (action) to fullfill your task and solve the problem? 


Describe your action’s results. Try to support this with percentages or ‘real’ results. Of course with a positive outcome. 


What did you learn from this situation? What would you do differently, or maybe the same, next time? 

A STAR-method example 

Suppose you are an administrative assistant and during your interview you indicate that you are accurate. You are asked for an example to showcase this.  

Applying the STAR method, you could mention the following: 
  • Situation
    The organisation I worked for had incorrect records. There were gaps on the closing balance. 
  • Task
    It was my task to make sure that everything was correct by the end of the year. 
  • Action
    I put together a task list and divided this amongst the team. Together, we started working to check every detail in the records. 
  • Result
    Soon, the records were completely correct. Not only the closing balance, but also the missing amounts. 
  • Reflection
    First of all, I was happy everything had gone well. I was able to show how accurate I am. I learned that I am good at delegating and keeping an overview. 

The advantages of the STAR method 

By using the STAR method, you can show that you are structured. In addition, it provides a nice guideline within the job interivew to bring out your talents and positive qualities. 

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