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5 reasons why you need to be open-minded about your career

Whilst career planning is a very important part of ensuring you reach your career goals, you should have an element of flexibility and keep an open mind to new opportunities that may present themselves.

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Most people graduate from university with a degree in a particular field, and they usually enter a related career path and aspire to rise up through the ranks of that profession.
There are others that may hop between different industries or even from one function to another within their organisation.

For these people who embrace change and take a less linear approach, this adaptability and confidence to step outside your comfort zone can open up new surprising opportunities.

When faced with a career intersection, consider it carefully but know that a single decision won’t necessarily define the rest of your career. With a flexible approach to your career and knowing that moving around is more acceptable than it was in the past, exciting prospects can present themselves.

5 tips on how to keep an open-minded view when it comes to your career:

1. Broaden your horizons

Use your free time wisely and acknowledge the benefits of self-development. For example, use a public holiday to update your LinkedIn profile and start connecting with more people. Consider signing up to further education or courses that will extend your skill and knowledge base.

2. Be a smart networker

Be aware that everyone you meet in a professional capacity could be a potentially valuable asset to you at some point in your career. You never know when you may bump into them again or need to call upon them. Have a look at our tips for networking.

3. Remove your blinkers

Don’t climb up the career ladder of your profession with your blinkers on. Look around you at other functions or departments where your skills might be transferable to. Cross-functional skills and understanding is a highly prized asset by employers especially at senior-level.

4. Put your hand up

Seize the opportunity to take on additional or varied responsibilities in your team or organisation. It will give you exposure to more experiences and learnings. It also demonstrates you have an inquisitive mindset and positive attitude to change.

5. Find a mentor

Mentors can help offer you guidance about career steps and allow you to bounce ideas off of their own experiences. It can be useful to talk with someone who is removed from the situation and can offer objective advice.

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