7 career resolutions you can actually keep

7 career resolutions you can actually keep

How can you create a set of career resolutions that will stimulate actual, meaningful change and that you can actually keep? Here are a few ideas that you can stick to.

Career resolutions

7 career resolutions you can actually keep

1. Build a working healthier life

Look to build more exercise into your working day. Don’t say that you’ll run an ultramarathon or attend Crossfit five times a week (unless you want to of course!). Instead, positively commit to walking 10,000 steps a day and doing a simple bodyweight exercise regime at home. Take the stairs. Walk to see colleagues. Use a standing desk. Make small and incremental improvements to note real changes.

Always eat breakfast, drink more water during the day and bring a healthy snack to help avoid the dreaded biscuit tin.

Stop eating at your desk and skipping lunch. Get out for an hour to see a friend, have a coffee with a colleague, go for a walk or even visit something local of interest. It will stimulate your mind and leave you feeling fresher and readier to attack the afternoon.

2. Help others at work

Praise and encourage your colleagues, vocalising your appreciation when they do something well. Gratitude is a powerful gift to share.

3. Take time to reflect

Each day remember three positive things that happened to you – setting a reminder on your phone if need be. Think about when you received some praise or some positive results. Take a moment every day to think about this and feel good about it. Why not keep a journal of success to look back over when you feel a bit demoralised or low?

4. Be more self-aware

Think about how you come across to others. Carefully check all emails and documents that you write, before you send them.

5. Stay neutral at work

Don’t get involved in office gossip, but stay neutral and on good terms with your co-workers.

6. Be structured and diligent with your workload

Start your day by reviewing your to do list and setting goals for the day. Always tackle the hardest tasks first.

Focus on one job at a time so that you do it well. Set yourself personal timeframes to complete each task and take gratitude in ticking each task off your to-do list as you go.

Keep one hour a day free to catch up on admin – perhaps in the mid-afternoon rather than at the end of the day when you’ll feel tired.

At the end of each day, create a to-do list for the next day. Be brutal with your list – remove tasks that add no value and prioritise those that provide the most value of all.

7. Have the courage to change your situation

If you are not happy in your role, be honest with yourself about this and plan how you can change the situation. Don’t simply complain, do nothing and allow another year to pass. If you are in this situation, this advice will help you.

Once you have decided on your career resolutions; write them down – this will help ‘embed’ them in your mind. Try breaking bigger goals into smaller ones – which you can progress in a manageable way throughout the year. You could even schedule a monthly review so that you can assess your progress and keep track – adjusting your activities and direction throughout the year.
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