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Switch off from work - 5 tips

For many professionals around the world, remote working has become the norm. We often work from home, which blurs the line between our work and home life. How can you switch off from work?

Afschakelen van werk -

We are able to access our company network from home and can work outside the standard working hours. This flexibitity also has a downsite: switching off form work is becoming more challenging, especially when our office and home are one and the same.

Ensuring you have clearly defined lines between work and home life is essential to good mental health and wellbeing 

These next tips will help you to switch off from work

1. Create a designate work area

If possible, create a designated work area in your home. Preferably separate to your living space and that is free of any potential distractions.

Being able to walk away from a work area at the end of the day will make it easier to switch off each evening.

2. Take guilt-free breaks and set boundaries

It’s important to not feel guilty about taking regular breaks. Not only is it important to relax at night and at the weekends, but professionals must take a lunch break as they usually would.

If other commitments allow you to, establish a routine, set boundaries and be clear on what your working hours are.

At the end of the day, pack away your work equipment and put your mobile on silent.

3. Create a to-do list

Creating structure to your working day is important. Write lists and set goals for what you want to achieve each day.

Not only is there something very satisfying about ticking off items on a to-do list, but you’ll feel more productive and it should help you to stop thinking about work once your working day is over.

Do unfinished tasks troubling you? Then plan major activities early in the day so you have plenty of time to complete them.

4. Don’t use your mobile as an alarm

Being awoken by message notifications is seriously disruptive to your sleep. Remember that your time is your time and getting a good night’s sleep is imperative to your working day.

If you must leave it on, don’t take your work phone into the bedroom with you. Whatever it is will still be there in the morning, and you’ll be much more refreshed and ready to deal with it if you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

5. Allow time for yourself

It’s important that you take time to do the things that feed your soul when you’re away from work. Whether it’s exercising, talking with friends, having dinner, or even just relaxing with a good book or film, do what you need to do to get your mind off your work and recharge.

If even after following the advice you find yourself working erratic hours, whether that is due to demand, workload or other commitments, discuss the issues with your manager to try and find a solution that works for you and the business. Your manager may be able to adjust your working hours to a time that better suits you. At the ends of the day, your mental health and wellbeing is extremely important, for both you and your employer.

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