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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

You set high standards for recruiting and selecting the talent that will be permanently employed by your organisation, though you notice that the best candidates are extremely hard to find, even now.

This situation raises many questions, such as how do you remain attractive as an employer? What recruitment channels would be best to use? How should social media be handled and how is or are your employer branding, internal processes, external agencies and costs?

Hays Talent Solutions can help you to overcome all challenges. Our recruiting experts provide advice, additional recruiting capacity and effective tools to fundamentally improve your recruitment process based on targets set in advance.

What is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) means that you outsource the recruitment of your permanent staff to an external party. Hays knows like no other how important recruitment is for an organization and how essential the relationship with an RPO provider is. Together we build your employer brand and we ensure the growth of the talent that suits you.

What are the benefits of RPO?

An RPO solution from Hays Talent Solutions brings many benefits:.

  • Recruitment is a profession, and deserves a serious (strategic) approach. A partnership with Hays means that you get all the expertise in one go. We are your recruiter, advisor and sparring partner. You do not have to invest time in developing your recruitment department and train your recruiters. You can focus on your core business.
  • You benefit from the worldwide network that we have as a recruitment organization. Hays already has over 2 million followers on LinkedIn. Moreover, our RPO experts have the right knowledge and they have access to the latest technology to quickly reach talents within the network.
  • The marketing team of Hays, in consultation with you and your marketing department, draws up a plan to put your employer brand even better on the map. We build a working-at-microsite for you and promote your vacancies and brand on relevant channels and social media. Resources we use include content marketing and video promotion.
  • An RPO solution makes you flexible, it can be easily scaled up and down. Today 10 vacancies, next month 30? We ensure an adequate amount of recruiters at all times.

Are you curious about how an RPO solution can work for your organization? Contact us now, we are happy to inform you.


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