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Hays Salary Guide - Hays.nl

Salary guides

The salary guide offers an overview of the average salaries in the Netherlands, insight into the current market and recruitment trends.

Find the Right Fit Report

Our report to support organisations as they ‘Find the Right Fit’ and strengthen their people strategy.

Hays Journal: a magazine for experts in HR - Hays.nl

Hays Journal

The Hays Journal is a high quality magazine for experts in HR & Recruitment..

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Research & Magazines | What workers want - Hays.nl

What workers want

Gain insight into the wishes of the current employee. What are possible barriers and what changes might be necessary? 

Find & Engage - Hays.nl

Find & Engage

Find the right people using digital technology, machine learning and data science.

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Hays Global Skills Index - Hays.nl

Hays Global Skills Index

The Hays Global Skills Index highlights the dynamics of the world's skilled labout market.

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Baan van de Toekomst - Hays.nl

Jobs of the Future

Hays has conducted research into the job of the future, which produced a particularly interesting picture.

What is your job of the future?

Gen Y | Generatie Y - Hays.nl

Gen Y

A report into the workplace needs, attitudes and aspirations of Generatie Y in the Netherlands.

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Genderdiversiteit onderzoek - Hays.nl

Gender Diversity

We explore the gender divide and what can be done to improve diversity in the world of work.

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Diversiteit en Inclusie - Hays.nl

Diversiteit & inclusie

Organisaties hebben aandacht voor diversiteit en inclusie, maar er is ruimte voor verbetering.

Bekijk hier de onderzoeksresultaten

DNA van een financieel directeur - Hays.nl

DNA van een Finance Director

Hays ontleedde het DNA van 70 Finance Directors en vroeg hen naar de succesfactoren in hun vak.

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Soft Skills IT Contracting - Hays.nl

Soft Skills rapport

Waarom zijn soft skills zo belangijk binnen IT en zijn bepaalde soft skills wellicht meer of minder relevant?

Lees het rapport soft skills in IT

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