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Working from home starts with a good remote workplace
8 tips to make this a success

Hays asked over 500 professionals if they would agree with a lower salary if they could work from home. As many as 65% of the respondents were willing to hand in part of their salary to be able to work from home for several days a month We share 8 tips to make working from home a success.

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Obviously, certain jobs are not suitable for working from home. Such as medical jobs, teachers or on-site functions. However, for many professions, remote working is becoming increasingly important when compiling the (secondary) working conditions. It has plenty of advantages: no travel time, more concentration, less distractions by colleagues, being able to organize your time yourself and not having to go to the office all dressed up.

Work from home

At the same time, working from home can be challenging. Even if you have a home working day, it is important to work your agreed hours and be productive. With these 8 tips you are ensured for success.

Remote work starts with a good preparation

Tip 1: Develop a routine

Agree with yourself, and your colleagues, at what time your working day starts, when you will have breaks and especially when your working day ends. This is important if you work from home for several days in a row.

Developing this routine requires discipline, but in the long run it will bring additional productivity.

Tip 2: Check your connection an documents in time

If you are not in the office, you will need to use an external network. Make sure you can connect via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and possibly also with an online environment where your documents can be found.

In addition to online documents, there may also be offline documents which you need during the working day. Make sure you can either bring these home or make them available online.

Tip 3: Communication

You need to have full concentration while working from home. Communicate clearly that even if you are at home, you are still working. Make arrangements with the family, partner or housemates.

Communication with colleagues is key. Schedule an (online) meeting in the morning to discuss what you need from each other and what the deadlines are.

Tip 4: Healthy remote workplace

At home, often there is only a possibility to use a laptop, which makes it important to create a good workplace.

Make sure you have a good chair and table to sit at, an external mouse for your laptop and possibly a laptop stand or an extra screen.

In addition, it is also important to get some fresh air and daylight, this will increase your concentration. Do not face the window, as this will cause for your eyes to squeeze and it could cause a headache .

After preparation you are ready to go

Tip 5: Morning routine

Set your alarm, take a shower, get dressed and make some breakfast. This way you ensure a good morning routine. As wonderful as it sounds to stay in bed for a while, this will decrease your productiveness.

In addition, say good morning to your colleagues online, for the ‘working together’ spirit.

Tip 6: Make a daily schedule

Time management is always important, but certainly when you work from home.

Work in blocks from 1 to 2 hours, as this will make you more productive. Switch off all distractions during these blocks (email, private telephone, television and social media). Do you like background music? If so, you could look for a focus playlist on Spotify.

Will you be working from home for several days? Then we advise you to make a schedule per week. Also, discuss this schedule with your colleagues or manager in advance, so that they are aware and know what they can expect from you. At the same time, this will force you to meet your deadlines.

Tip 7: Take mini breaks more often

At the office, you are often (unnoticed) distracted, as colleagues ask questions, tell a story or you have a chat at the coffee machine. You don’t have these distractions at home.

It is ok to take small breaks. It's important to set priorities, but no one can work in full concentration for 8 hours straight. For example, after 1 hour of work, schedule some rest, go outside or have a cup of coffee on the couch.

Tip 8: Work together with your colleagues

With remote work you will be away from your colleagues. You will have fewer social encounters, no small talk at your desk and sparring about work suddenly becomes less common.

It is important to continue communicating with your colleagues. People simply enjoy being in touch. This can be done online via chat (for example Skype for Business or another platform), a spontaneous e-mail or a phone call to catch up.

Hopefully, these tips will make working from home a success.

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