Journal 12

Hays Journal 12 - Encouraging innovation

Everyone needs a sense of purpose, a reason to get out of bed in the morning. While some employees will naturally have a strong sense of the importance of their job, there is plenty that companies can do to foster a feeling of working together towards a common goal. In this Hays Journal you can read how organisations that promote this feeling will certainly see the benefits.

Also in this issue:

The rise of the freelancer economy

Why more people then ever are choosing freelance careers ans how organisations can use this trend effectively. 

Encouraging intrapreneurship

How can companies nurture an entrepreneurial spirit in staff to  compete with desruption in the market? 

Company results vs employer satisfaction

David Fairhurst, former Global Chief People Officer of McDonald's, explains how HR can balance business results and employee satisfaction.

A sense of purpose

Great benefits and wages are no longer enough. Businesses need to provide staff with a collective prupose

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