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Hays Journal 15

Hays Journal 15
A new direction

While we can't predict the future, we should always strive to take steps to prepare for it. And while some new developments bring opportunity, others bring challenges. This and more you can read in this Hays Journal.

Hays Journal 15 - Hays.nl

Also in this edition:

Blockchain; how does it shape our future?

Blockchain technology has already had a huge impact on the world of finance. Here you can read how it might influence HR.

Mentoring reversed

Organisations are turning to younger members of the workforce to mentor more senior colleagues. But how can they make this relationship work?

Learning on demand

Employees are increasingly demanding a more individualised approach to their education while at work. But how can businesses respond?

Down to experience

After a push towards stronger employee engagement, can a more holistic view be taken by focusing on employee experience?

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