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Recruitment outsourcing

Recruitment outsourcing

Always assured of the best talent, without any worries about compliance, costs and the contract form? As an expert in outsourced recruitment solutions, Hays Talent Solutions offers innovative recruitment services to many organizations worldwide.

We believe the right person can transform an organisation. Our international network and our knowledge of recruitment processes and technology gives us the opportunity to efficiently attract the best candidates for organizations and to optimize the recruitment process.

Recruitment outsourcing by Hays Talent Solutions

Get to know our services and innovative solutions, like Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) or Managed Service Provider (MSP). And if you don't have need for outsourcing your entire recruitment process, then we can take care of only your contract management.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing | RPO -

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Filling permanent positions quick and efficient? We take care of everyting

Learn more about RPO

Managed Service Provider | MSP -

Managed Service Provider

Need to get a better grip on your contingent workforce? We give you full visibility and control.

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Total Talent Management

Total Talent Management efficiently integrates recruitment for permanent and flexible staff.

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Outsourced Recruitment | Contractbeheer -

Brokering & Contract management

Don't want to outsource the entire recruitment process, but contract management only?

More information

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Benefits of RPO & MSP in 2 minutes

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Your recruitment outsourcing questions answered here

Why choose Hays?

Frequently asked questions RPO

Frequently asked questions MSP

Outsourced recruitment made simple

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