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Outsourced recruitment in practice
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Curious about outsourced recruitment in practice? We would like to invite you for a noncommittal reference visit to one of our programs.

Recruitment outsourcen in de praktijk -

Flexibility of the labor market and a shortage of specialist skills have a huge impact on the future of organizations worldwide. Technological developments and the affect of social media influence the way in which organizations operate. Management is increasingly prepared to embrace innovative solutions to find and retain the right talent.

The right knowledge at the right time

More and more organisations are looking strategically at their long-term personnel policy, because of the challenges of the current enterprise climate and the economic situation. Analyzing both current and future needs in the field of temporary hiring of professionals is essential. The success of an organization depends on hiring the right person for the right job and the presence of the right knowledge at the right time.

Take a look behind the scenes of outsourced recruitment

Are you dealing with complex hiring issues, do you have little insight into the costs involved or do you need support with your strategic HR planning? Meet Hays Talent Solutions. We would like to invite you for a noncommittal reference visit to one of our programs.

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