Redundancy is one of the most stressful of life's events. But difficult as it may seem, positives can be taken from the situation.

Redundancy? Hays Recruitment Agency

Although you didn't choose it, you now have a chance to re-evaluate your career goals and take on new challenges.

Understand your redundancy

If you find out you are being made redundant, read through any literature and documentation that your organisation gives you to make sure you understand it. If they haven't given you any paperwork to support the redundancy, request it.

The next steps after redundancy

Assuming that your employer is within their rights to make you redundant, it's time to think about next steps.

This unanticipated break is an opportunity to think about what you really want to do now: Do you enjoy the industry you are in? Fancy a career change? Want to study or travel? Or maybe this is your chance to start up a new business?

If you do choose to look for new employment and you are working through your notice period, you can start your job search without delay. You are entitled to reasonable time off to search for new jobs and attend interviews, so set up some Hays job alerts to find out about new opportunities as soon as they come on to the market.

Focus on the positives

If you are asked about why you are made redundant., explain the matter simply, and don't sound negative. As much as being made redundant can feel like a betrayal, focus on the positives from your time at the company and remember that it's not usually an easy decision for employers to shed their hard-working and loyal staff.

Bear in mind that being immediately available for a new position is a plus point in itself.

While you search for a long-term role, if that is your goal, consider taking on temporary or voluntary work. This type of work can help you to learn new skills, network, and potentially lead you to your next permanent position.

Redunancy is undeniably a challenging time - particularly if you didn't anticipate it - but try not to despair.

Hays can help you. We have a powerful network of recruiting experts and employer clients all over the Netherlands and we can put this in motion to find you your next job.

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