5 misvattingen over tijdelijk werk

5 myths about temporary work

Moving from a full-time job to a temporary job can make you feel insecure. Most people find it difficult to leave their permanent job, or are afraid that a new employer may see temporary work on their CV as unattractive

Tijdelijk werk | 5 misvattingen - Hays.nl

However, research shows that more than half of the senior managers no longer see a difference between temporary work or a full-time perm job. But there are more misconceptions about temporary work…

5 misconceptions about temporary work - and how to use it during your application

Temporary work is inferior

The labour market is constantly changing and the world of temporary work has changed as well. Today, every company is looking for more flexibility, an excellent way to achieve that goal is hiring temporary workers. 

By using temporary contracts, companies have the possibility to quickly and easily hire professionals, for both short and long-term projects. Use this advantage. Organisations need temporary employees to keep the company running. And in this way you can learn different skills. 

Companies do not hire temporary workers  

For many employers, temporary work is an excellent way to see how new employees are doing. During this period, they get a good insight into the candidate's skills and it becomes clear whether there is a match with the company culture. This makes it easy to find out, whether the candidate would be a good permanent match to the company.

There are more advantages for you as a temporary worker:

  • Having multiple tasks and projects allows you to learn new skills and expand your network with different, new professionals;
  • Flexibility in working hours can also play an important role, for example if you want to organize your time with family or friends in a more practical way, focus on a hobby or achieve other goals.

Temporary work does not offer long-term (financial) stability 

The general idea of temporary workers is that they work less hours than employees in a perm job. However, the reality shows something different: most temporary employees work as much, or even more than permanent employees. In terms of salary, the two are also equal. 

And if you have a skill everybody is looking for, companies can offer a competitive (higher) salary. 

Temporary work doesn't look good on your CV

Most companies want to stay up to date with the latest changes in their sector, so you can often take part in various additional training courses. Temporary work is therefore an excellent opportunity to develop your skills.

Some tips for your CV:

  • Make a list of all your temporary assignments and sort them, for example, by sector. And see per job if this is interesting to mention;
  • Name your achievements, this will allow you to explain and emphasize more about previous positions;
  • Show all the new skills you have learned in your previous jobs;
  • Emphasize your work in the same sector as the job you are applying for;
  • Point out your adaptability: you have proven that you can adapt quickly to a new working environment.

You can’t look for a new job and work at the same time. 

Although you might have to reduce your current working hours, you should be able to combine both. Keep in mind that your temporary job gives you opportunities to a full-time position as well. Your colleagues or people in your network may recommend you for a new role, there may be a vacancy in the company where you’re currently working or you may just run into a new opportunity!

Temporary work can be just as rewarding and valuable as a permanent position. Don't be afraid to mention your experiences as a temporary employee on your CV.

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