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Looking for a job

Looking for another job can be exciting. Hays advises you on how to prepare your CV and write a cover letter. You can download a resume template and you will receive advice on working in the Netherlands.

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Looking for your first green job?

With these 10 tips you find jobs in sustainability more easy and you can start your first green job in not time.

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Scared to apply for jobs?

Something, perhaps fear, is preventing you from submitting your application. How come? We give 6 reasons to just go for that job.

Scared to apply?

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Create a CV

The purpse of your CV is a job interview. Provide a concise, interesting, inviting resume, which makes the employer want to know more about your.

Tips for creating a CV

Cv template - Hays.nl

Resume template

With our resume template and tips about digital technology, your CV will pass the first screening and you'll have a better chance of getting a job interview.

CV template en tips

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Apply if you don't meet the criteria?

You lack specific experience, you just don't have that certificate. Should you apply anyway? 3 reasons to consider this.

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Have your CV stand out

With a notable cv you stand out from the other candidates. This way you increase your chance of a job interview.

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CV mistakes to avoid

What are the - less obvious – CV mistakes when creating a resume? Here’s a list with the 6 most common CV don’ts.

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Writing a cover letter

Your cover letter is the introduction to yourself and your resume. While there's no such thing as the perfect letter, a basic formula will get you started.

Motivatiebrief voorbeeld - Hays.nl

Cover letter - example

For you we've created a cover letter example. Together with our tips for writing a good motivation letter, you'll be one step ahead of the crowd.

Carrièreplan training - Hays.nl

How to build a career plan

How do you make the right choices in your career? A career plan will help you find an answer to this question, it will help you achieve your goals.

Start your career plan today

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The power of an elevator pitch

An interesting elevator pitch is a trigger to take a closer look at your resume. How do you write a good personal statement?

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How to stay motivated

You've written many application letters, but you never get any replies? Read these tips for better results.

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Finding a job after graduation

How do you increase the chance of a job as a graduate? These tips will help you on your way.

Find jobs | time-saving job search tips

7 time-saving job search tips

If you’re thinking about a career change but don’t think you have the time for a job search, then don't give up yet.

Netwerken tips - Hays.nl

Networking tips

Use these tips to build a professional network, that can help you find your new job.

Read our tips

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Personal branding

With the right personal branding you make yourself easy to find online for employers

5 misvattingen over tijdelijk werk - Hays.nl

5 myths about temporary work

The assumption that temporary work looks out of place on your resume, is just one of the misconceptions.

What are your benefits?

Werken als recruiter - Hays.nl

Could you be a recruiter?

Recruitment is a challenging and fulfilling branch. At Hays we look at peoples personal strength and possibilities.

Working as a recruiter (Dutch only)

Soft skills lijst - Hays.nl

Soft skills

Check out our soft skills list: 6 skills you need today to build a solid foundation for your career.

View the most important soft skills

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A CV for freelancers

Are you a freelancer? A resume for freelancers is build slightly differtent than a CV for a perm job.

Ontslagen... wat nu? Hays.nl


It is important to consider the impact of dismissal. But stay active and look forward to the future.

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Create your LinkedIn account

It can work in your advantage when you have your social media in order. Here are some tips to be ready for the search for a new job.

Create your LinkedIn account

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Benefits of a side job (next to your study)

A side job that fits in with what you would like to do in the future, when you've greduated, offers many advantages. 

Benefits of working next to your study (Dutch only)

Stageperiode - Hays.nl

Tips internship

You can successfully complete your internship with these tips. This is how you make a good start in your professional career.

6 internship tips

Werken in Nederland - Hays.nl

Working in the Netherlands

How do you find a job after moving to the Netherlands? Specially for you, we've made a 'Living & Working' guide.

Download your guide

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Working abroad

When you want to work abroad it is important to know that different countries have different rules when it comes to creating a resume.

What are the differences?

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Search jobs

We believe the right job can change your life.

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Free CV template

We developed a free resume template for you to download.

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