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Soft skills lijst
5 soft skills you need today

There is a high demand for soft skills. In fact, it is expected that by 2030 two out of three jobs will be 'soft skills intensive jobs'. Check out the skills you need today.

soft skills lijst

Today's world or work is rapidly changing. Digital innovation is changing the way we work, and the jobs and skills in high demand are also constantly changing. 

Employers therefore look for candidates who have the soft skills needed to succeed in today's world of work; from curiosity to effective communication skills. 

The soft skills list – 5 skills you need 

What soft skills are generally required by employers? You can read that below. Are you curious about soft skills particularly for IT? Then, check this out

1. Willingness to learn 

Willingness to learn is at the top of the soft skills list. 

In fact, the ideal employee listens to webinars and podcasts during their commute, looks at what the competition is doing, monitors customer feedback, recommends news articles to their colleagues, or makes email notifications for themselves about this subject. 

Regardless of the sector, a willingness to learn and the desire to keep abreast of current trends and changes relevant to your job is valued by both large and small employers. 

A willingness to learn goes hand in hand with self-awareness. New changes in your branch can create gaps in your skills and knowledge. Only if you are aware of this, you can close these gaps and remain relevant within your industry. 

2. Customer focus 

Most companies are influenced by their customers, and purchasing behaviour is evolving. For example, sports fans now buy tickets for a match via an app instead of at the counter in the stadium. Travellers search price comparison sites for the best deal before booking their flight. And job seekers will be applying online

Simply put, technology is changing consumer behaviour. Organisations need employees with the soft skill ‘customer focus’, which allows them to adapt to these changes and envision new ways for the company to adapt

3. Adaptability 

An ability to accept and adapt to change is also important because, like it or not, change is part of the modern world of work. 

Whether it is organisational or technical skills, our jobs, and the way we do the job will change again and again. As we do not know what those changes will be, employers want people who dare to step out of their comfort zone and see change as an opportunity for growth and innovation. 

4. Interpersonal and communication skills 

Learning something new every day and producing smart solutions to challenges obviously sounds good, but these soft skills get lost when that knowledge is not passed on to others

Employers prefer job seekers who have exceptional communication skills and can interact naturally, comfortably, and professionally with people at all levels of an organisation. 

As our CEO Alistair Cox recently said: “I want to hire employees who also have a clear view of the bigger picture, who have a vision for the future of the company and the sector in which they work and who can communicate this to their colleagues and teams.” 

5. Organisational skills 

The last in the list of important soft skills is organisational skills. 

During turbulent and unpredictable times, budgets will be tightened, and cost awareness will remain a focus. That is why employers are looking for employees who can effectively manage their time to ensure productivity is maximized, meet deadlines, coordinate resources, and miss no details. Overall, an important soft skill. 

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