Why do you want to work here

Why do you want to work here? 3 steps to structure your answer

It’s one of the most common interview questions; Why do you want to work here, and often one of the easiest to slip up on. With a good answer you can distinguish yourself from your fellow applicants.

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Why do you want to work here?

Many candidates provide simplistic answers like “I want this job because I need a new challenge” or “because you seem like a good company to work for”. But these candidates often won’t make the interview shortlist.

Here's how to structure your answer in 3 easy steps:

1. Explain why you are passionate about the company

People who are passionate about the company they work for are almost always high performers who go above and beyond to achieve success, both for themselves, and for the company.

Found out more about the organisation and communicate your passion and enthusiasm for the company. Talk about how you feel the purpose of the company aligns with your own values, which products and services particularly excite you and how impressed you were by their recent financial results, awards or accolades.

2. Explain why you are passionate about the role

When listening to your answer, the interviewer also wants to feel assured that you would not only be good at the job, but that you would actually enjoy doing it.

So, when answering this question, show your passion and enthusiasm for the role by highlighting what specifically excited you about this role when you read the job description initially, and why.

3. Explain how this opportunity would allow you to progress

It’s important to remember that the interviewer will, in all likelihood, want to recruit someone who has the potential to provide value not just now, but in the long-term – someone with ambition, drive, and a commitment to self-improvement.

As such, when answering this question, explain that you want to grow your skills and how you think specific elements of the role would allow you to do this. Next, go on to outline why you would like to grow your skills and progress your career at this particular organisation.

More reasons to delve deeper into why people should choose you

Even if you are not invited for an interview yet, the above points will help you finding a new job.

When you mull over the question why do you want to work here, you will find out what kind of jobs you are looking for and which values suit you. You can apply more specifically, tailor your CV more easily and you can write a powerful personal statement in no time.

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