Contract jobs in Finance

Contract jobs in Finance

The group of contractors in the Netherlands is constantly growing and is seen as one of the fastest growing sectors. Our research into the Job of the Future shows that less and less value is attached to permanent contracts.

Contract jobs in Finance -

People more and more question themselves what they are good at, or want to become good at. What they would like to do and for which organisation they would like to do that.

Many young professionals who are now entering the labor market, find permanent contracts oppressive. Employers need to respond by offering contract jobs in finance.

Contract jobs in finance

Hays Finance focuses on recruitment at all levels of contract jobs: from (junior) accountants, financial advisor vacancies, actuarial analyst to financial director.

Benefits contract jobs via Hays

Hays is the link between client and contractor: we have an excellent international network and we are happy to advise you about the possibilities. What are the benefits of working via Hays?

Hays works based on personal relationships
One of our recruiting experts will be your dedicated contact. He or she knows you personally and is therefore able to act quickly when you receive a new assignment. We look at your professional knowledge and your personality.

Support for new independent contractors
Did you recently start out as an independent contractor, and do you want to know more about which steps you need to take next? Which paperwork needs to be applied for, or which arrangements have been made for payrolling? Or would you like advice on how to fast-track your career? Your personal recruiting expert is happy to discuss such matters with you.

Support over the course of the assignment
Over the course of the assignment, we will remain in regular contact with both you and the client. Hays will serve as a sparring partner for both parties and will provide recommendations where required. If any issues crop up, your personal recruiting expert can serve as your first point of contact.

Direct payment
Hays is a listed global market leader in its sector. Thanks to our stable financial position, we can guarantee the swift payment of your earnings. This payment term is not affected by any supplementary payment conditions set by the client.

Competitive market
Interim professionals work in a highly competitive market. In-depth knowledge of the sector and the ability to take quick and decisive action are crucial for acquiring new assignments. Your Hays recruiting expert knows your market and can effectively handle the negotiations with your new client on your behalf.

Access to the Hays network
As one of the leading firms in specialist recruitment and selection, Hays has built up an outstanding client network. Our recruiting experts can introduce you to clients in a wide range of sectors throughout the Netherlands.

Enhance your CV
Working on a project basis within a variety of organisations helps you to both increase your expertise and broaden your professional experience. With each new assignment, your profile becomes even more attractive to prospective employers.

Permanent positions
If you would ultimately prefer a permanent contract, you can use a temporary or project-based position to maintain or improve your specific skills in preparation for such an appointment. This will significantly increase your options on the employment market.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities, or send us your cv.

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